Sale Checklist

Sale Checklist

Four weeks before

  • Make sure your home contents insurance covers you for the move
  • Have a good sort out and decide what you’re taking and what you can throw away and don’t forget your loft!
  • Start to collect packing boxes if you’re packing yourself
  • Get quotes from removal firms or van hire companies
  • Consider what arrangements need to be made for any pets during the move
  • Arrange meter readings at your existing home and confirm the date for taking over gas and electricity at new address
  • Notify your phone and ADSL providers when you want your phone and ADSL accounts to end at your present address and make arrangements for your new home
  • Redirect your post and inform insurance companies, your bank, your employer, doctor etc of your change of address
  • Start to run down the contents of your freezer

One week before

  • Settle paper and milk bills
  • Make sure you remember to defrost the freezer
  • Send out change of address cards to friends and family
  • Confirm the date and time with removal company

One day before

  • Finish packing
  • Make sure you have cash, credit cards and cheque book handy
  • Put valuables and documents in a safe place

On the day

  • Have a box of essentials to hand
  • Toilet paper, bin liners, detergent and other cleaning items
  • Kettle, coffee, tea, milk and biscuits
  • Cash for a take away!