Property Law Partners specialise in remortgages and our dedicated team have years of experience in dealing with all of the major lenders, ensuring your remortgage transaction is processed as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

We have invested in a state of the art case management system and our online tracking facility allows you to access up to the minute information about the progress of your transaction.

We will look after the requirements of your existing lender who is to be repaid and also deal with the requirements of the new lender on your behalf. A new lender approaches the transaction on the basis that it is a new purchase so the usual local searches and enquiries have to be made. There are therefore various fees we will need to pay on your behalf, including search fees and land registry fees and we will provide you with full details of the cost at the outset.

If your present mortgage is a fixed, capped or discounted mortgage, it is likely that you will encounter early repayment charges for moving a mortgage. Nearly all mortgages that offer ‘special’ rates will also charge penalty interest for moving your debt during the special rate period. You should contact your existing lender as soon as possible to see if you will need to pay any early repayment charge.

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