Buying a property

Whether you are buying a new home or an investment property, we will take you through the conveyancing maze. The property transfer process is far more complex than is generally recognised and there are many pitfalls. Our team of Conveyancers is extremely experienced and you will receive a reliable, efficient and professional service which includes:

  • A free written estimate of the costs involved (including searches and other fees) to ensure you can budget accurately from day one
  • A step-by-step guide to the process that allows you to understand and monitor the progress being made in completing your purchase
  • A full investigation of the legal title
  • All necessary searches and enquiries carried out promptly
  • Liaising regularly with lawyers, agents and lenders and keeping everyone informed of our progress
  • A full written report together with all relevant copy documents for you to read at your leisure before you make the decision to commit yourself to a purchase Contract
  • Completing your Inland Revenue Stamp Duty Land Tax Return
  • Registration of your title at H.M. Land Registry without delay and after registration, supply a copy of your title if required

We will keep you fully informed of our progress at all stages of the transaction and will be happy to deal with any queries you may have.

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